The main types of residential real estate in Spain

Today we offer you to deal with the main types of residential real estate in Spain and find out what is comunidad.

  • Villa – a separate spacious private house on a private plot of land, on the plot – a garden, a swimming pool and everything you want.

  • Semi-adosada semi-detached house – a house located on a private plot of land and having one common wall with a neighboring house, on a plot – a garden, a swimming pool, a rooftop solarium.

  • Bungalow (bungalow) – an apartment on the lower or upper floor in a two-story complex of houses bordering two side walls. Each apartment has a separate entrance from the street and belongs to different owners. The owners of the apartment on the ground floor own their own garden, and the owners of the upper floor – a solarium.

  • Duplex bungalow / townhouse (bungalow duplex, villa adosada, townhouse) – two-story house, owned by one owner, bordered by two side walls with neighboring bungalows, has its own land in front of the house and a rooftop solarium.

  • Apartment (apartamento) – an apartment in an apartment building. There are two nuances: –

-first, in the Russian understanding, the floor in Spain is called “planta baja” (“lower floor), and then goes the numbering from the first to the last floor. That is, the third floor in our understanding, the Spaniards will be called the second.

– The size of the apartment is measured by the number of bedrooms. So, for example, “apartamneto de dos habitaciones” means “two-bedroom apartments” (and not “two rooms,” translated literally), that is, in fact, this is a two-bedroom apartment consisting of two bedrooms, a living room with kitchen, one / two bathrooms rooms.

  • Penthouse (ático) – apartment on the top floor of an apartment building. Great views, a spacious terrace, a rooftop solarium, sometimes with a jacuzzi and barbecue area – penthouse benefits.

  • Finca (finca) – a rural house with a large plot of land, usually such a house is sold together with orange groves, olive trees, etc., characterized by tranquility and solitude.

Bungalows and apartment buildings are often combined into a residential complex with a closed public area and are managed by a community of tenants (comunidad). In a closed area, intended for use exclusively by residents, there will certainly be one or more swimming pools with sunbeds and a green area, and depending on the level of the complex – 24 hour security, a year-round heated pool, playgrounds and pools, a gym, a sauna, a bar / restaurant , tennis courts, underground parking, private storage rooms (trasteros).

As you can see, there are a lot of real estate options. Contact us and we will help you choose the one that suits you best!

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