Non Lucrative Residence
(without authorisation to work)

The holder of Non lucrative residence permit is obliged to reside in Spain more than 183 days per year. The applicant must demonstrate sufficient economic means to meet their living expenses and accommodation, including where appropriate the family, during the time he/she wants to live in Spain without developing any kind of work. Nevertheless the non lucrative permit holder may work remotely. The non lucrative residence holders can travel free in Schengen territory up to three months within six months period.

To apply for this kind of residence permit the applicant should be the owner of a  the real estate in Spain or a have a long term housing rental contract.


My Way® real estate agency specialist will help you to find and purchase the the real estate in Spain in order to meet the requirements of residence application and will assist you in all stages of obtaining the permit from preparation of all the documents to receiving the residence permit cards. If you are interested in getting the Non lucrative residence permit and you need additional information please don´t hesitate to Contact us.