The real estate purchase process

The real estate purchase process in Spain comprises the following steps:

    – you are planning your visit to Spain.
    – we prepare a list of properties and send you the information about the objects you might be interested in.
    • – you choose a region, a type of property and define a purchase budget

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    – we organize visits of the objects you are interested in and accompany you during the process of properties selection.
    – you send us your request with desired characteristics of your future home to our agency and/or send us the ID of properties which you liked at our website or in.
    –  you choose the house of your dreams and make a deposit to the account of the seller (3000-6000€), the property is reserved at your name.
    – the property is removed from the market.
    -we help you in a Spanish bank account opening, in approving a mortgage (if needed) and in obtaining a NIE (tax identification number of a foreigner).
    – the preliminary purchase contract is signed.
    – the lawyers carry out the complex expertise of the property to asses its status, lack of encumbrance, debts of the seller, etc.
    – you prepare a set of all required documents.
    – you transfer the required amount of money to your Spanish bank account.
    – the purchase contract is signed in the notary, you hand over the bank check for the remaining amount of the contract price to the seller and obtain the keys of your new house in Spain.
    – the documents are handed over to the Land Register and Fiscal authorities.
    – all the utility payments are being registered at your name, and in case of the new construction the new contracts with water, electricity, internet and TV providers are signed.
    – in one or two months period you obtain the Nota Simple statement from the Land Register about your property rights.

Congratulations! You are the owner of the house of your dream in Spain!

?The property ownership confers you an advantage when obtaining a Spanish multivisa or different types of Residency.

You can learn about the expenses for your property maintenance in the following posts.
Please don’t hesitate to request more information about this issue.

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